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Time Management Tips For Students

                              TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS

No one can understand the value of time more than the students who have misused it in past. Why time management is important for students? We have only 24 hours in a day. Time once wasted, cannot be restored again. Some Students understand this fact of life; they honestly utilize time for their goal and other productive activities.

In Modern world, managing time for studies is one of the toughest tasks. College, Coaching Classes, Social life, and Family, multitasking is not possible without effective time management. With the right approach, you can plan your studies efficiently, productively, and relatively stress-free. Consider following points for learning effective time management skill.

Time Management | eLearningGang
Time Management | eLearningGang

First decide what you have to do:            

The first step in setting time management goal is to note down everything that you have to do. Make list of all short term or long term goals. Adjust your goals on the basis of priority. Initially some assignment or article training requires more time as compared to exams. And once assignment is completed or leaves granted from training, more time can be allotted to exam preparation.

Make a schedule for your studies:

Once you have goal, the next step is to prepare a timetable for daily routine. Set a routine for everything like the time you should devote to study, time you should take your lunch or dinner, time you should go to bed etc. Timetable must be flexible but realistic which include all important activities of your daily routine. Make timetable that can be followed. Making timetable is not a tough job but following that schedule with full dedication is a challenging task. Motivate yourself and try to stick to your study timetable as best as you can. Time management is possible only if you are consistent.

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Avoid distraction and Learn to ignore irrelevant:             

Once timetable is prepared, try to follow it honestly. Choose suitable place for study, switch off mobile and other electronic gadgets which may distract you focus from study, find friend having common study goal but avoid people who may waste your valuable study time. Do not make a habit to change timetable according to your mood. Improve your will power.

Review your plan every week:

It is highly advisable to monitor yourself on a daily and weekly basis and make adjustment if required. It is possible that after few days, your daily activities are not matching with the time table. This is very common and natural. e.g. coaching classes timing is changed or urgent job at work place etc. Being able to concentrate on study for long hours requires you to change things up if you need to. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if it is time to revise your plan:

  • What is the main objective?
  • What do I need to get done this week?
  • Am I getting satisfactory result??
  • If not, how can I improve my timetable and performance?

Note down your answers and re-arrange timetable if required.

For effective time management, consistency is the key. Time management skill can be achieved only If you are consistent to your plan.

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