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How to Focus on Study | Concentrate On Studies |

How to Focus on Study – Concentrate on studies

Many students complain that they are not able to concentrate on studies. Feeling sleepy and postponing studies for next day is very common problem while studying. Unnecessary thoughts in the mind and irrelevant activities distract them when they try to focus on studies. If this happens with you too, you need to plan the right strategies to unlock your natural ability to concentrate and to focus on your studies. Learn how to focus on study with following tips.

How to Focus on Study
How to Focus on Studies


Eat Healthy Foods :

Why do you need to eat healthy food to focus or concentrate on studies? Eating too much sweets, spicy foods and junk foods may make your mind sleepy and body lazy. Eat healthy and balanced food which gives you sufficient energy and important nutrients to brain and other part of body. If you have no energy, you will not be able to focus and concentrate. Try to incorporate green vegetables, fruits and dry fruits in you diet.


Physical and Mental Exercises :

Exercising regularly make you physically and Mentally strong. It increases will power, concentration and stamina which helps to complete your study goal efficiently. Try to incorporate some physical exercises and Yoga exercises in your daily life. Yoga exercises are known for boosting mental strength and concentration.

Click here : 5 Best and Easiest Yoga Exercises to Increase Concentration.


Sleep Tightly to Concentrate on Studies :

Getting good amount of sleep will help to improve better concentration and retention skills. Your body and brain needs 7 to 8 hours of deep sleep each day. Having good sleep in the night, will improve your ability to make the best use of working hours.


How to Focus on Study by Planning Attainable Study Goal :

Before making Study timetable, you must know what you want to study and when, You must decide what are your priorities. Make a list of subjects and chapters of each subject. Note down complicated and tough subjects and chapters which needs special attentions and requires more time and efforts to complete. Now decide which subject to study first and what subjects to do later. Same way, decide which chapter is to be done first and which chapters later. Don’t jump to next subject until you finish all chapters of previous subject. Plan your study goal as per your convenience.  Now you have well structured goal in your mind.


Plan Your Study Timetable :

Once you have study goal, the next step is to prepare a study timetable. Plan your daily routine like the time you should devote to study, time you should take your lunch or dinner, time you should go to bed, time you need for other activities etc  Make study timetable that can be followed. Making study timetable is not a tough job but following that schedule with full dedication is a challenging task. Motivate yourself and do try to stick to your study timetable as best as you can.


Select Good Study Place :             

Finding the right place for study is very important. Study place can influence your concentration level.  Find place with good ventilation, good lighting, good physical set up and with no distraction. Having good atmosphere at the study place will help you to concentrate more on studies. You can draw or hang some motivational posters in study room.


Do Not Use Smartphone :

You love using smart phone and tablet but this can be the biggest cause of distraction while studying.  Even if you aren’t actively using your smart phone during study time, you may be get distracted by message notifications, incoming calls etc. Once you get distracted, you may end up wasting your valuable study time. If your time is being wasted due to the Smartphone, Keep your cell phone on silent mode or turn it off.


Do One Thing at a Time :

Do not mess up with many things at the same time. Make your plan so that you can complete your syllabus according to the study goal. Try to focus on one subject at a time. When done, move to the next subject. Doing too many things or skipping some tough chapters for future and jumping to the next subject will confuse you, and it will badly affect your study timetable.


Enjoy Your Studies :

Be creative when you are learning. Visualize your study materials; relate it with your life. Use iconic character or comic character or name of famous personalities when you are learning. Try to make your syllabus more interesting. Don’t just read and write, learn from syllabus.


How to Focus on Study again by Taking a break between Studies :

Feeling Tired or Sleepy?? No worry, Take a break, refresh your mind and start again. Taking break is quite good but remember do not extend break time at any cost. In my opinion, avoid watching TV, using Mobile phone, or chatting with friends during break time.


Handle Unwanted thoughts and Irrelevant activities :

When your mind thinks something irrelevant during study time, just shake your head and say FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS and move back to your studies. Learn to say NO to others. Learn to sacrifice your comfort for your goal. Remember, Great things never came from comfort zone. Stop accessing irrelevant information during study time. It will improve your concentration and help you to achieve your study goal.

Need to say again, Never skip your study plans and do not change your study plans for irrelevant reasons. Keep practicing.


I hope above tips will definitely help you to concentrate on studies and accelerate learning process. Please share with your friends on social networks.Do not forget to Subscribe our YouTube channel for useful videos, Also Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Keep Smiling, Keep Visiting and Keep Learning.

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