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Navigation and Selection in Excel – Excel Shortcut Keys

MS Excel shortcut Keys – Navigation and Selection

Excel Shortcut Keys – Excel Keyboard shortcut keys help to minimizes the usage of mouse and allow you to work with your keyboard. MS Excel Shortcut Keys help to achieve efficiency and work productivity.
The commands covered here are apply to all popular versions of MS Excel such as MS Excel 2016, MS Excel 2013, MS Excel 2010, MS Excel 2007.

Excel Shortcut Keys
Excel Shortcut Keys – Navigation & Selection in Excel

 Basic Navigation Shortcuts in Excel :

  • Arrow keys                         To  Move from one cell to another cell.
  • Tab                                      To  Move once cell to right
  • Shift + Tab                          To  Move once cell to left.
  • Page Up                              To Move one screen up or down.
  • Page Down                         To Move one screen up or down.
  • Alt + Page Up                     To Move One screen Left side
  • Alt + Page Down                To Move One screen Right side
  •  Ctrl + Home                       To Move to the beginning of Sheet
  • Home                                  To  Move to the beginning of Row
  • Ctrl + End                           To  Move to the last cell that contains data
  • Ctrl + Arrow keys               To Move to next cell that contains data. (It ignores blank cell)


Selection Shortcuts in Excel :

  • Shift + Arrow key    –    To select single cell up/down/left/right or Multiple cells one by one.
  • Shift+Space       –          To Select single Row
  • Shift+Space & Shift + Up/Down Arrow Keys  –    To Select multiple rows;
  • Ctrl + Space        –         To Select single Column
  • Ctrl + Space & Shift + Left/Right Arrow Key   –    To select multiple columns;
  • Shift+Page Down/Page Up –     To Extend selection of one screen down/ up
  • Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Keys  – To select next cell that contains data or before blank cell.
  • Shift+Home        –           To select from beginning of the row
  • Ctrl + A              –             To  select cell range that contains data. and again to select all cells.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Home    –      To select upto first cell of the worksheet
  • Ctrl+Shift+End     –         To select all cells upto last used cell
  • Ctrl+G              –               To select row/ column via Go To menu

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Common Options available after selecting single cell/row/column:

a) Delete selected cell/row/column/range

b) Insert same number of selected cell/row/column/range

c) Format cell/row/column/range.

d)  Copy or Cut selected cell/row/column/range

e) Hide or Unhide selected cell/row/column/range

and many other useful commands as required.


Edit cell in excel and Navigate inside Cell:

These commands work inside a cell.

  • F2                                                  To edit cell.
  • Esc                                                 To cancel edit
  • Home                                             To Jump to beginning
  • End                                                 To end of cell
  • Arrow Keys                                    To move within cell
  • Ctrl+Arrow Left/ Right                  To navigate by one word left/ right
  • Shift+Arrow Left/Right                  To Select one character to the left/ right
  • Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Left/Right          To Select one word to the left/ right
  • Shift+ Home/End                            To Select all words from cursor point to beginning/ end of cell
  • Delete                                              To delete one character left of cursor
  • Backspace                                       To delete one character right of cursor
  • Ctrl+Delete                                     To delete all words from cursor point to the end.
  • Alt+Enter                                        To start a new line inside cell.
  • Ctrl+Enter                                       To complete cell entry with moving.

Navigate outside cell:

  • Enter                            To move one cell down after completion of entry.
  • Shift+Enter                  To move one cell up after completion of entry.
  • Tab                               To move one cell right after completion of entry
  • Shift + Tab                   To move one cell left after completion of entry.
  • Ctrl + ~                        To view actual contents or formula of sheet
  • Shift+Arrow Up/Down and select cells, now press F2 and type something, then press Ctrl+Enter, It will fill same content up/down to all selected cells.


Basic excel shortcut keys useful with selection commands:

  • Ctrl+X                    To Cut selected cell
  • Ctrl+C                    To Copy selected cells
  • Ctrl+V                    To Paste after copy or cut action performed
  • Ctrl+Alt+V             To Open Paste Special Menu after copy or cut action performed

Options available after Paste special menu:-

  • Ctrl+Alt+V, then V,     Enter  Paste Values
  • Ctrl+Alt+V, then T,      Enter   Paste Formats
  • Alt+Ctrl+V, then E,      Enter  Paste Transposed
  • Ctrl+Alt+V, then W,      Enter Paste Column Width
  • Ctrl+Alt+V, then U,      Enter  Paste Values and Number Formats
  • F3            Paste a defined name into a formula

Watch all 4 Youtube videos of excel shortcut keys below. Double click in frame for Full screen.

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