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Shortcut Keys in MS Word – Microsoft Word Tutorial | eLearningGang

Microsoft Word Tutorial – Basic Shortcut Key in MS Word.

Shortcut Keys in ms word – Keyboard shortcut keys help to minimizes the usage of mouse. It allows you to work with computer keyboard, with speed and efficiently. Shortcut keys in ms word help to achieve efficiency and work productivity.
The commands covered in this word tutorial are apply to all famous versions of Microsoft Word such as MS Word 20016, MS Word 2013, MS Word 2010, MS Word 2007.

eLearningGang - Shortcut Keys in MS Word
MS Word Shortcut Keys

Word Tutorial – Shortcut Keys in MS Word – Session 1

Ctrl + NTo Create a new document
Ctrl + OTo Open a document.
Ctrl + STo Save the document.
F12To Save as.
Ctrl + PTo Print the document.
Alt + F8To Open Macros Windows.
Alt + TabTo Alternate between open windows.
F1To open help window.
Alt + ClickTo open Research window (mostly at right side).
F5To open Find and Replace window.
F7To spelling and Grammar.
Shift + F7To Open Thesaurus.
Ctrl + WTo Close the document.
press  AltTo Display Tab keys
Alt – P – THTo Change Page Theme
Alt – P – PCTo change Page Color.
Alt – P – PWTo Add Watermark
Alt – N – PTo Insert Picture
Alt – N – CTo Insert Chart.
Ctrl + KTo  Insert Hyperlink.
Alt – N – DTo Open Date and Time Window.
Alt + Ctrl + FTo  insert footnote
Alt + Ctrl + DTo Insert end-note.

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 Word Tutorial – Shortcut Keys in MS Word – Session 2

Ctrl + HomeMove to the top of the document.
HomeMove to the start of the line.
Ctrl + EndMove to the bottom of the document.
EndMove to the end of the line.
EnterShift to Next line.
Ctrl + right arrowMove to the next word
Ctrl + left arrowMove to the previous word.
Ctrl + down arrowMove to the next paragraph
Ctrl + up arrowMove to the previous paragraph.
PageUp/PageDownMove  Up/Down one Screen.
Ctrl + PageUpMove to the top of previous page
Ctrl + PageDownMove to the top of Next Page.
Ctrl + CTo Copy selected text/object
use  Ctrl + XTo Cut selected text/object
Ctrl + VTo Paste the copied or cut text/object.
Ctrl + H + V + STo Open Pest Special options
Ctrl + ZTo Undo the last operation.
Ctrl + YTo Redo the last operation
Ctrl + BTo Make selected text bold
Ctrl + UTo Underline selected text.
use Ctrl + Shift + WTo Underline selected words but not spaces
ctrl + Shift + DTo Double-underline text.
Alt – H – 3To Get All Underline Options.
Ctrl + ITo Make selected text italic.

Word Tutorial – Shortcut Keys in MS Word – Session 3

Shift + Left ArrowTo Select/unselect one character to the left.
F8To Turn On Extend Mode for Selection. (Esc to cancel).
Shift + Right ArrowTo Select /unselect one character to the right.
Ctrl + Shift + Left arrowTo Select/unselect one word to the left.
Ctrl + Shift + Right arrowTo Select/unselect one word to the right.
Shift + HomeTo Select from the cursor to the beginning of the entry.
Shift + EndTo Select from the cursor to the end of the entry.
Ctrl + Shift + ,To Decrease the font size of the selected text by one value.
Ctrl + Shift + >To Increase the font size of the selected text by one value
use  Ctrl + FTo Open Find and Replace window (‘Find’ selected).
Ctrl + HTo Open Find and Replace window (‘Replace’ selected)
Ctrl + GTo Open Find and Replace window (‘Go To’ selected).
Alt + Ctrl + MTo Insert a comment.
DeleteTo delete one character or one character space to the right.
Ctrl + DeleteTo Delete one word to the right.
BackspaceTo delete one character or one character space to the left.
Ctrl + BackspaceTo Delete one word to the left.
Shift + EnterTo Insert a line breaks.
Ctrl + EnterTo Insert a page break.
Alt + Ctrl + CTo Insert a copyright symbol.
Alt + Ctrl + TTo Insert a trademark symbol.
Tab – (In a table)To jump to the next cell in the table.
Shift + Tab  (In a table)
To jump to the previous cell in the table.
Ctrl + Shift + CTo Copy formatting from text.
Ctrl + Shift + VTo Apply copied formatting to text.

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Word Tutorial – Shortcut Keys in MS Word – Session 4

use  Ctrl + 1To Adjust Line Spacing to 1pt
Ctrl + 2To Adjust Line Spacing to 2pt
Ctrl + 5To Adjust Line Spacing to 1.5 pt.
Ctrl + 0To Toggle Paragraph spacing (press again to back normal).
use  Ctrl + =To use subscript; e.g. PD2 (press again to back normal)
Ctrl + Shift + =To superscript;  e.g   X2 (press again to back normal).
Ctrl + Shift + PTo Open Font menu window (Font Size selected)
Ctrl + Shift + FTo Open Font menu window ( Font Type selected).
Alt + Ctrl + Shift + STo Open Heading/paragraph Style list
Alt – H –  F – CTo Choose font color.
Alt – H – ITo Choose text background color
Alt – H – 7To Change case (Upper case, lowercase sentence case etc.).
Ctrl + EFor center indent
Ctrl + RFor Right Indent
Ctrl + LFor Left Indent.
Ctrl + JTo use Justify
Ctrl + *To Show and hide end of Paragraph.
Alt – H – HTo Use Shading color.
Alt – H – H – NNo shading



Border Related MS Word Shortcut keys:

Alt – h – b – bBottom border
Alt – h – b – pTop border
Alt – h – b – lLeft border.
Alt – h – b – rRight border
Alt – h – b – aAll border
Alt – h – b – nNo border.
use Alt – h – b – zHorizontal line
Alt – h – b – bBottom border
Alt – h – b – iText background inside border.
Alt – h – b – dDraw table
Alt – h – b – gView grid-lines
Alt – h – b – oBorder and shading menu.


Some Important MS Word Shortcut Keys Combination :

Shift + F5   –    To a previous revision.

Shift + F5    –   When opens file, Move to the location you were working in when the file was closed.

Alt + Shift + O –  To mark a Table of Content Entry.


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