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MS Powerpoint Keyboard Shortcut – Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorial

MS Powerpoint Shortcut Keys – Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorial:

Keyboard shortcut keys help to minimizes the involvement of mouse and allow you to play with your keyboard. MS Powerpoint shortcut keys help to achieve efficiency and work productivity.
The powerpoint shortcut keys covered here are apply to all popular versions of MS Powerpoint such as Microsoft Powerpoint 2016, Microsoft Powerpoint 2013, Microsoft Powerpoint 2010, Microsoft Powerpoint 2007.

MS Powerpoint Shortcut Keys
MS Office – Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorial – Most frequent used MS Powerpoint shortcut keys – 1


Ctrl + NTo Open new Microsoft presentation
Ctrl+BTo Make selected text bold
Alt+H, then F, and then STo Change the font size for selected text
Alt+W, then QTo adjust zoom size for the slide
Ctrl+XTo Cut selected text, object, or slide
Ctrl+CTo Copy selected text, object, or slide
Ctrl+VTo Paste copied or cut text, object, or slide
Ctrl + Alt + V    or    F4To Open Paste Special Window
Ctrl + UTo Underline selected text/Hide the pointer and navigation button  during slide show.
Ctrl+ZTo Undo the last action.
Ctrl + YTo Repeat or redo the last action
Ctrl + A           To Select all slides from Slides Panel

or Select all slide objects or

or Select all text from Outline

Ctrl + DTo Duplicate slides or slide objects or selected layout
Ctrl + FTo Open the Find dialog box
Ctrl + GTo Group selected slide objects
Ctrl + Shift + GTo Ungroup objects
Ctrl + HTo Open Replace dialog box
Ctrl + Shift + NTo make Duplicates of active presentation
Ctrl + ITo Change selected text into Italic
Ctrl + JJustify selected text
Ctrl + KTo Insert hyperlink
Ctrl + LFor Left alignment
Ctrl + Shift + FTo Open the Font dialog box to format the text.
Ctrl + Shift + >To Increase the font size.
Ctrl + Shift + <To Decrease the font size.

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MS Powerpoint Shortcut Keys – Most frequent used MS Powerpoint shortcut keys – 2

Ctrl + TTo Open the Font dialog box to format the text in selected container or object.
Shift + F3To Text case( lowercase, or uppercase)
Ctrl + MTo Insert New Slide
Ctrl + OOpen presentation
Ctrl + P/Ctrl + Shift + F12To Opens Print window
Ctrl + F2To Displays print preview
Ctrl + QExit PowerPoint
Ctrl + RFor Right alignment
Ctrl + STo Save current work of existing file. It opens Save As window if saving file for first time.
Ctrl + 1Access formatting options for a selected chart element
Ctrl + F1To Hide and unhide Ribbon
Ctrl + F4To Close active presentation
Alt + TabTo Switch between 2 or more Presentation
Alt+N, then PTo Insert a picture
Alt+H, then S, and then HTo Insert a shape
Alt+G then HTo Select a theme
Alt+H, then  LTo Select a slide layout
Page DownMove to the next slide
Page UpMove to the previous slide
Alt+HTo Explore Home tab(Ribbon)
Alt+NTo Explore Insert tab(Ribbon)
Alt+S, then BTo Start the slide show
EscEnd the slide show
Ctrl + WTo Close PowerPoint

 Shortcut keys in Powerpoint to navigate in Text holder:

Left ArrowTo move one character to the left.
Right ArrowTo move one character to the right.
Up ArrowTo move one line up.
Down ArrowTo move one line down.
EndTo move to the end of a line.
HomeTo move to the beginning of a line.
Ctrl+Left ArrowTo move one word to the left.
Ctrl+Right ArrowTo move one word to the right.
Ctrl+EndTo move to the end of a text box.
Ctrl+HomeTo move to the beginning of a text box.
Ctrl+Up ArrowTo move up one paragraph.
Ctrl+Down ArrowTo move down one paragraph.
Ctrl+EnterTo move to the next body text placeholder. And after the last placeholder on a slide, this action inserts a new slide with the same slide layout as the original slide.

                             Move around in and work in tables

TabTo Move to the next cell.
Shift+TabTo Move to the previous cell.
EnterTo Start a new paragraph.
Tab in the bottom right table cell.To Add a new row at the bottom of the table.
Down ArrowTo Move to the next row.
Up ArrowTo Move to the previous row.
Ctrl+TabTo Insert a tab in a cell.


MS Powerpoint shortcut keys to Select text and objects:

 Keys   Purpose
Shift + Right ArrowTo Select one character to the right.
Shift + Left ArrowTo Select one character to the left.
Shift + Up ArrowTo Select one line up (with the cursor at the beginning of a line).
Shift + Down ArrowTo Select one line down (with the cursor at the beginning of a line).
Ctrl + Shift + Right ArrowTo Select to the end of a word.
Ctrl + Shift + Left ArrowTo Select to the beginning of a word.
ESCTo Select an object (when the text inside the object is selected).
Tab or Shift + Tab To Select another object (when one object is selected).
Ctrl + [To move object back one position.
Ctrl + ]To move object forward one position.
Ctrl + Shift + [To Send object to back.
Ctrl + Shift + ]To Send object to front.
EnterTo edit selected object for text
Ctrl + A (on the Slides tab)To Select all objects.
Ctrl+A (in Slide Sorter view)To Select all slides.
Ctrl+A (on the Outline tab)To Select all text.
Ctrl + SPACETo Play or pause media.

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Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete command in MS Powerpoint shortcut keys:

BackspaceTo Delete one character to the left.
Ctrl+BackspaceTo Delete one word to the left.
DeleteTo Delete one character to the right.
Ctrl+DeleteTo Delete one word to the right.
Ctrl+XTo Cut selected object or text.
Ctrl+CTo Copy selected object or text.
Ctrl+VTo Paste cut or copied object or text.
Ctrl+ZTo Undo the last action.
Ctrl+YTo Redo the last action.
Ctrl+Shift+C To Copy formatting only.
Ctrl+Shift+VTo Paste formatting only.
Alt+Shift+CTo Copy animation painter
Alt+Shift+VTo Paste animation painter
Ctrl+Alt+VTo Open Paste Special dialog box.


MS Powerpoint shortcut Keys to Control your slide show during the presentation.

Press Alt+S, then B to enter Slide Show mode. and then use following keys.

Enter or Right Arrow or SpacebarTo activate the next animation or move to the next slide.
Left Arrow or Up Arrow or BackspaceTo activate the previous animation or back to the previous slide.
(number)+EnterGo to slide number.
Ctrl + PTo change the pointer to a pen.
Ctrl + ATo change the pointer to an arrow.
Ctrl + ETo change the pointer to an eraser
Ctrl + MTo show or hide ink markup
Ctrl + HTo hide the pointer and navigation button immediately.
Ctrl + UTo hide the pointer and navigation button in 15 seconds.
Ctrl + STo view the All Slides dialog box
Ctrl + TTo view the computer task bar
B or .To display a blank black slide.
W or ,To display a blank white slide.
STo stop or restart an automatic presentation.
ESCTo end a presentation.
ETo erase on-screen annotations.
HGo to the next slide, if the next slide is hidde
TTo set new timings while rehearsing.
RTo re-record slide narration and timing
Press and hold Left Mouse button for several secondsTo return to the first slide.
Shift + F10To display the shortcut menu.
TabGo to the first or next hyperlink on the current slide.
Shift + TabGo to the last or previous hyperlink on the current slide.

MS Powerpoint Shortcut keys to Control video and other media during a presentation:

Alt+QTo Stop media playback.
Ctrl+SpaceTo Play or pause media.
Alt+DownTo Decrease the sound volume.
Alt+UTo Mute the sound.
Alt+Shift+Page DownTo forward three seconds.
Alt+Shift+Page UpTo backward three seconds.
Alt+JTo Show/Hide audio and subtitles menu.
Alt+PTo Toggle between play and pause.
Alt+EndGo to the next bookmark.
Alt+HomeGo to the previous bookmark.
Alt+UpIncrease the sound volume.


Use Access Keys to find command by navigating within ribbon :

If you do not remember individual shortcut key, Do not worry. Learn to use an Access Key. Every Command in MS Office software can be accessed by using an Access key.

Alt+FTo Open the File page.
Alt+HTo Open the Home tab.
Alt+NOpen the Insert tab.
Alt+GTo Open the Design tab.
Alt+TTo Open the Transitions tab.
Alt+AOpen the Animations tab.
Alt+STo Open the Slide Show tab.
Alt+RTo Open the Review tab.
Alt+W Open the View tab.
Alt+Q, and then enter the search term (2016)To Open the Tell me box.

Note :

1) Press the Tab key or Shift+Tab to move between commands. Press Tab to move forward and Shift+Tab to move backward through the commands in order. You can also press the arrow keys.

2) Use Spacebar or Enter to choose command if it is button.

3) Press Alt + Down Arrow or Spacebar to open Button that includes menu of additional commands. Use arrow keys to move within menu item. To select the option, press Spacebar or Enter.


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