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Low self confidence?? Tips to develop Self Confidence.

Self confidence is very important factor in order to achieve our goal. The fear of failure and confusion in decision making are sign of Low self confidence. Learn to develop self confidence because without self confidence, life is like a Rocket that does not have fuel to boost up. Self Confidence means your are strongly believing in yourself. Self confidence is one of the common quality which is found in all successful personalities of the world.

Low self confidence? Learn to Develop Self Confidence
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Lets see, what is self confidence and how to develop self confidence?

What is self Confidence??

It is the level of confidence or trust or faith you have in your own abilities or in decision making. It is said to be a high self confidence when you score lower than what you had expected but still you use that experience to motivate yourself. Low self confidence means you hardly believe in your own abilities or strength, you always doubt your own decisions or actions.

Causes of Low Self Confidence:

It may be genetic or environmental. Some common causes of low self confidence are inordinate criticism, high result expectations, lack of knowledge, and negative experiences like failing in exams or failing to complete assigned work or were rejected by someone you loved. You may think you are inferior and have no quality or telent. 


How to know if you have low self confidence??

Your level of self confidence can be assessed by your own. People with low self confidence often have negative thoughts about their own ability, which then leads to a disappointment or depression. People with low self confidence may feel depressive, shy and uneasy, low motivated, and hard to focus on studies or work. They prefer to postpone their primary activities like Studies or Practices or bunking important classes. Low self confidence damages your presence of mind and you may feel like you are going to fail. Feeling of insecurity and fear of failure affects the actual performance.

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How to develop self confidence??

Everyone has their own strengths, skills, abilities and pace to boost their self confidence.  Some useful tips to develop self confidence:

  •  Accept all your mistakes or failures instantly.

 Example. If you score low in exams, accept it and evaluate your previous efforts. If you do not accept the truth then same negative thinking comes in your mind again and again. It wastes your time and reduces your confidence level. It also reduces the chances of getting success in next attempts. Better accept the bitter truth or bad Past and learn from it.

  • Learn to smile. (Most effective tonic to boost confidence.)
  • Do not aim too high, Try to set a realistic goal with proper plan.
  • Divide your plan into small steps.
  • Make your steps or goal interesting.
  • Appreciate yourself after completion of every step.
  • If you fail to achieve any step, do not move forward without knowing the reason.
  • Learn from your mistakes and try again.
  • Include physical exercises in your plan.

Remember with every step, you are going to boost your self confidence.

Self confident people are more positive and they believe in their ability. As you know, the human brain is the most powerful problem-solving organ in our body and when you are self confident, your brain works amazingly.

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